About this project, our past and future

On a lovely summer afternoon in 2011 we decided to start work on our own campaign setting. On the Shoulders of Heroes was born and, over the course of the years, developed from a personal project to a full-time job. In spring 2017 we were ready to show the world what we'd been working on for all these years - we had beautiful artwork and we had pages of stories, backgrounds and rules. We started posting preview material, articles and artwork on our Facebook page, which allowed us to connect to fans and the community, to see what you are interested in seeing.

The next step was to get the product printed, shipped and into your hands. For the first official printing run we decided to go to Kickstarter. For us this was a natural choice. It would allow us to print on demand, reducing our production costs and the environmental impact. We wanted to work with people we know so we could guarantee a high quality product that will be delivered on time.

Earnings of this project will be reintroduced into our company, assuring that we will be able to keep making books that look amazing and will last a lifetime. The next ideas that we have are a Monster Compendium and a drafting card game.

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