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On the Shoulders of Heroes

'On The Shoulders of Heroes Vol 1: Bellög' was created by Joran Heimering and Daan den Boer. It was conceptualized as an homage to the glory days of role playing and classic fantasy, with some modern day tweaks. The setting is based on Germanic history and takes inspiration from old school RPGs, Norse and Japanese tradition – things we feel should be reintroduced to the game we love. In addition to providing a detailed look to the continent and its inhabitants, it suggests some of the house-rules that we have adopted over the years.

We created this book because we wanted to contribute to a rich library of existing works, as a tribute to this amazing game, as a centerpiece of our game-design portfolio and for the sheer fun of it.

Joran Heimering

Joran Heimering is a writer and game designer located in Castricum, the Netherlands. After buying his first copy of the 3.0 Dungeons & Dragons Player Handbook in 2002 he has been an avid Dungeon Master and player. He has a deeply rooted love for all things game and geek, especially role playing- and trading card games. After completing his BA studies in culture, language and film at Utrecht University in 2013 he has been working to realize his most ambitious project to date: On The Shoulders of Heroes. In 2017 he decided to stray from the beaten path to pursue these ambitions full time and he founded Windmill Slam Games together with his best friend, Daan. Joran lives in an elven tree house with his supporting wife Marieke and their pets.

Daan den Boer

Daan den Boer lives in Amsterdam where he achieved a Masters degree in Chemistry in 2016 and now works as a software developer at BALR. In his youth he developed a passion for field hockey, sailing, skiing and computer games and these have been a continuous presence in his life. He discovered his interest for roleplaying games when he met Joran in high school and they still roll together. Daan sees the On The Shoulders of Heroes campaign setting as a great way to combine his love for fantasy, spending time with friends, and his talent for graphic design and layout editing. In late 2017 he decided to become the second half of Windmill Slam Games and considers it a passion project. Daan shares his apartment with his lovely girlfriend Hilde.